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Another upgrade done – Quickr

Just upgraded my test instance of QuickPlace 7.0HF84 to Quickr Went just fine following notes I got from the Lotus User Group.org presentation the other day on this process. Pretty much all the stuff that’s in the documentation, plus one extra tip – adding a /QuickPlace/* –> /LotusQuickr/* redirector. I had gone through this before, and I think it went much more smoothly this time. I think this is mainly due to my last upgrade being from 7.0 to 8.0; this time the full download at Passport Advantage is out of the box. Much better.

This is in preparation for moving my current production QuickPlace server to a new host. Also, QuickPlace 7.0 (as well as Team Workplace 6.5.1, it’s predecessor) goes end-of-service next April.

Thanks to LotusUserGroup.org, Warren Elsmore and Ephox.

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