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iPhone update

I am really enjoying the iPhone so far. Great interface, lots of good apps (including even one or two for business). I’ve gotten used to the keyboard pretty quick.

The first roadblock I ran in to was just activating it. AT&T did a fine job of setting me up and switching over the number, but I need to be able to connect to the iTunes store to activate the phone, which we can’t do at work because of a firewall rule. I asked a couple others about this, and they said they had to take them home to activate them. Something that will have to be addressed if we allow the widespread use of these in the company.

Apps installed so far:

Backgrounds, Coffee Finder, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, EasyWriter, Eureka, Evernote, Facebook, Free RPN Calc, Goodrec, Google Earth, Google Mobile App, i.TV, iChillout Lite, Lightsaber, Mocah Telnet Lite, Network Ping Lite, Obama Inauguration Countdown, OpenTable, Pandora Radio, PhotoWizard, Stanza, Twitterific, Urbanspoon, Weatherbug, WifiTrak, WordPress

Sadly, what is not on that list is a native Gmail client. The Google Mobile App is great, but that just comes with a screent pointing to bookmarks of the mobile versions of all their cloud apps. Nice, but the native Gmail client on the BlackBerry was pretty slick.

VPN was a little frustrating at first, but I found a workaround. Our network admin won’t let us use the Cisco VPN concentrators, so we have to use a different VPN connection that can be a bit tricky. This will be resolved when he gets new concentrators put in early next year, which will also allow users with 64-bit desktops (Vista 64, x64 Linux, future versions of OS X) to connect with a Cisco client. I still can’t believe he has to buy new hardware to allow for 64-bit client connections.

Anyway, the new phone is great, and I’ve been going to and from work with one, count ’em, just one device all week. Should be fine for day-to-day stuff, the rubber will really hit the road when I go to Lotusphere in January and spend a week away from home/work. Mind you, I will have a laptop with me, I’m not masochist.

The phone came with OS 2.0.2 on Tuesday, so I had to upgrade to 2.1 first thing, then to 2.2 this morning. Two OS upgrades in one week, yikes! However, both upgrades went quite smoothly.

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