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At Lotusphere

I’ve arrived for Lotusphere 2009 in Orlando, Florida. Flight was good, but crowded (as always). Got on a shuttle pretty quickly, and got to the hotel, checked in, registered at the conference then headed to ESPN for a beer. Pretty crowded and warm in there, and I had spent the day on a crowded plane, so I headed out and got some dinner at Big River Grille on the boardwalk.

While I was there I ended up sitting next to a couple of guys from TriLog group. Before they were TriLog, they were the folks at Relavis behind their Domin0-based CRM product. We had a nice chat about the CRM market, and about how the days of dominant applications are over. Customers want to buy what they want, then used standards-based interfaces, like Web Services, to get them to all work together.

Now I’m back at the hotel room blogging, and getting unpacked.

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