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Crazy with the iPhone apps

I’ve gone a little nuts with the iPhone apps lately adding:

Toodledo – I’ve been looking for a while for a cheap, effective way to get tasks on my iPhone, that being the big productivity gap on that device. Plenty of good apps to do this, but I needed one that would 1) sync with Outlook/Exchange and 2) support categorization so I could give the Getting Things Done methodology a try.

While the app does not natively do that first thing, it does do the second. To do the first, I’m using a third-party free tool that syncs your Outlook tasks with Toodledo and makes them available to the Toodledo iPhone app.

I’m not sure I’m going to stick with this as the app has presented some issues, like getting things out of sync, tasks disappear because they’re marked as completed. I can easily recover from these things, but it’s still a little bothersome.

Watchmen – Promo tool for the movie. Kind of fun.

Kindle – Just released early today, let’s you download Kindle books, magazines, etc., to your iPhone. You still need to buy content at the Kindle Store.

iDracula – Fun game, and on sale for $0.99. I found out about this from the great twitter feed that follows all the price drops on iTunes.

New York Times – Just a quick way to get the Times headlines. Yes, I could go to the web site with Safari on the iPhone, just like they showed in the first iPhone ads, but this is a lot easier to read.

TV.com – A great first start at streaming TV shows to your iPhone. A bit rough, and the content is pretty sparse (mostly clips), but it has potential.

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