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See, this is why I can’t have a nice blog

It’s great that I have a blog, and that it posts my Twitter updates (which is now blocked at work, by the way). But that alone does not make for an interesting blog.

Work has kept me busy, and I’m now gearing up to preach a sermon this Sunday at church. The Gospel lesson is on Thomas after the resurrection (‘doubting Thomas’). I have some ideas about how to approach that.

I also noticed some links in Twitter going to WordPress-based blogs that looked really nice on my iPhone, so I tracked some of them down. The ones I liked best used WPTouch for WordPress. Works great, as you could see if you were accessing this from an iPhone or BlackBerry.

The Unified Communications stuff is proceeding apace, and I’m hoping we can get an Exchange 2010 upgrade out of it, along with a migration to OCS Enterprise 2007 R2 (from OCS Standard R1). “Wave 14” (probably Office Communications Server 2010) is due out in the Fall, and we can probably get our hands on the beta. If we can roll out Enterprise Voice, UM and other features to a 9000-person company worldwide, we can pretty much ask MS to do anything. They’d love the reference.

It’s clear, though, that the cloud is not ready for UC. Other folks might have made some dents, but right now Microsoft’s own BPOS offering only has IM and presence for OCS; Exchange 2010, but no UM. Sharepoint 2010 will be there soon, but it’s going to be at least a year before the cloud is on feature parity with on-premises solutions. Cisco has a decent cloud offering, but it’s not available in Europe, and they want us to buy all their IP-PBX infrastructure.

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