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Moving servers

Just finished mapping out a lot of the servers I need to move on zLinux. I have a bunch of test/dev servers on SLES 8 and 9 and they need to be re-created on SLES 10 x64 on Z in order to run Domino 8.5. Should be pretty straightforward, and it’s a great chance to clean up a particularly old development server with way too many databases.

I’ll probably also get rid of one of the Windows test servers I have since I’m only running it there to run ReplicAction, which we’re replacing with ecKnowledge. That runs standalone on a Windows box, but doesn’t need a Domino server installed, just the client.

The QP dev server will stay on Windows, since my only other option is AIX or AS/400. I may upgrade that to Quickr 8.1, depending on what happens to our QP server. I have to move that one to VMWare, but I may just install a fresh Domino 8.0.2/Quickr 8.1 server and port over the active Places for now. After I upgrade the hub server, which won’t be for a bit.

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