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Sharepoint tidbits

Couple of things I found tonight:

From Stefan Gossner, the October Cumulative Update is out. You’ll need to have SP1, the Infrastructure Update, the August CU installed (though this is questionable), plus all the updates corresponding to those for any language packs you have installed, then apply that one. Kind of a pain, but it’s better than here-and-there software hotfixes they were doing before.

Of course, you do know how to create self-installing updates for any new servers you build, right?

  1. Copy the contents of the MOSS 2007 install CD to a file share. You will see there an empty folder called Updates
  2. Using the command line, extract the contents of each Service Pack 1 download (one for WSS, one for MOSS) to a separate folder (c:\temp\patchname.exe /extract:c:\temp\patchname)
  3. Do the same thing with the Infrastructure Updates (again WSS and MOSS), letting it overwrite any same-named files
  4. Then the same thing with the August, then October cumulative updates (one of each). Copy the resulting files to the Updates folder mentioned above.

Note that your mileage may vary, as I’m running on a 64-bit platform with no particular language packs.

Now, when you run Setup the installer will automatically pick up all the packages and install them for you.

Update: Some oddities – first, when you go to download these files, make sure you click on the text “Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages”, so you’ll see both the x86 and x64 versions of the hotfix, then choose the right one.

Also, the August CU is not needed. Not surprising, since that is the definition of a Cumulative Update.

From Bill English, a helpful hint – install the Office 2007 IFilters so you don’t need Office installed on your indexing machine.

I got a chance to meet Bill at the Mindsharp booth at the last Sharepoint conference here in Seattle. Great guy, really knows his stuff, and his book is highly recommended for all Sharepoint administrators.

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