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Corporate Twitter

I’ll do a little more digging on this, but it seems to me that it would not be that tough to put together a corporate twitter-like system based on a number of tools that most shops may already have lying around.

Using the existing twitter.com would be fine, but many companies frown on people pushing company info outside the firewall. I use the service regularly, but I have to be careful, many times, of how I phrase things, even in those short 140 characters, so as not to divulge company info.

Not being completely familiar with the market, I really only have my shop to compare this to and draw a conclusion from. We’re running Domino, Websphere and Sharepoint, and our internal instant messaging system is Office Communcations server. I’m envisioning a system that is pervasive; that is, I should be able to ‘tweet’ from most anywhere, either my desktop, or my Blackberry/iPhone/Windows Mobile device.

I also say pervasive because Twitter provides an open API that lets you get at it from pretty much anywhere, and that’s part of the reason it has taken off so fast – as long as you have something resembling a data connection (web, phone, whatever), you can tweet.

On my desktop, I’d like to use an existing software app so I don’t have to load up anything new to monitor tweets or to post. Yes, I could go to the web page, but I want to give people options. Ideally I’d use my existing OCS or Sametime client.

On the mobile side I’d do the same with the existing client, or possibly a separate one since the UI expectations are different on a mobile platform.

For the web – a quick page on a Domino/Quickr/Connections server, or a web part on my My Site page in Sharepoint. Outside of those two, any generic web page could do it.

Data would be stored separately from other content to make it easily accessible/archiveable/auditable. It’s own app in Domino, it’s on SQL database for Sharepoint, same for a generic web app. All clients – desktop or mobile – would hit the same data source.

That’s about it for now – just a braindump of stuff I thought about while waiting in the doctor’s office for Jenn.

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