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Domino 8.5.1 mail routing problem solved

After upgrading our Domino servers to 8.5.1 FP2,  I noticed an intermittent issue where mail to the outbound SMTP relay would simply stop. No warning, no errors, just . . . nothing. Internal mail to other Domino servers would run just fine. Restarting the router resolved the issue every time.

I thought there was a fix in FP3 related to problem messages, but that didn’t do it either.

After opening a PMR with IBM, we ended up changing two things:

  1. Removing the SMTPTimeoutMultiplier setting. Not sure where or how I picked that up, but messing with that is apparently only necessary in some Notes client situations.
  2. Disabling inbound and outbound pipelining in the global SMTP settings in the server config documents.

After restarting the server, the problem has not recurred.

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