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Moving the Sharepoint 2007 Index

Despite other blog posts, and stuff to the contrary, I don’t think you can actually ‘move’ a Sharepoint index from one location on a server to another; e.g., in my case, from the C: drive (that was running out of room) to the D: drive. You can only change the index location settings, then build a new index. Plan on a little index downtime while this happens.

Here are the commands:

stsadm -o osearch -defaultindexlocation "D:\SPIndex"

If you are doing this on a query-only server, do

stsadm -o osearch -propogationlocation "D:\SPIndex"

If your server does both crawling and query serving, you can only use the former command; the latter will generate an error.

stsadm -o spsearch -farmcontenaccessaccount <accountname>
  -farmcontentaccesspassword <accesspassword> -indexlocation "D:\SPIndex"
stsadm -o editssp -sspadminsite http://sharepoint:2000/ssp/admin
  -indexlocation D:\SPIndex

This will update the relevant info for your shared service provider, which actually manages the crawl.

Next, go in to your shared services admin, click on Search Settings, then click on Content Sources and Crawl Schedules. Right-click on your content source, and choose “Stop Crawl”.

Go to the Services control panel and restart the Windows Sharepoint Services Search, as well as Office Sharepoint Services Search.

Go back to SS management, click on Search Settings, and ‘Reset all crawled content’, then click Reset Now to confirm.

Go back to Search Settings and confirm there are 0 items in the index. Then click Content Sources again, right-click on your content source, and choose “Start Crawl”.

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