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Trying to update this blog

February 26th, 2009 1 comment

Whenever I log in here now, I get that little flag saying that WordPress 2.7.1 is out now and I really should upgrade. However, it hasn’t been that easy.

Sure, I could take the usual way out – download the code, upload it the server, unzip it and follow the update instructions. However, with 2.7 there’s this spiffy little auto-update button. Seems straightforward – fire up the FTP server, give the UI my FTP credentials, and away we go. Just ran in to some problems:

  1. Port 21 was closed. Solved by updating the firewall setting.
  2. Set up my credentials correctly in FTP. By default, FTP allows anonymous access and keeps you penned in to your home directory. Anonymous access is now off, and my username can access any directory vi FTP that it’s normally allowed to in the OS.
  3. Still no go, getting an error about php-zlib being wrong. Well, turns out it wasn’t installed at all. Fired up the software updater to update php itself, and install php-zlib.
  4. Now I get a different error, pretty generic – can’t unpack the software.

What I’ve found through this is that the auto-update feature is almost completely undocumented. It just assumes that you have FTP up and running, it’s listening on port 21, and that you have the right credentials to update the WP directory. I think I’m running in to permissions issues, but I have no idea where.

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